12 Jan 2011
January 12, 2011


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ISTSU membership

Becoming as member (Membership) to all national and international organizations around the world, regardless of color, race, language, culture and religion is open to organizations with the objective of peace and education for all.

All organizations that is acting in the field of education, science, technology and skills, the development of education and higher education, sustainable development and peace can be a member of the International science, technology and skill union (ISTSU).



ISTSU members are divided into three categories:


Official members: official members refer to the organizations that arerecognized by the ISTSU or a governmental or international valid organization and can use all the services and supports of the ISTSU.

Official members are the highest level of membership in ISTSU and member organization in this part is the most prestigio us national and international organizations that their documents are certainly approved and equaled by ISTSU.


Consultant and Associate Members: That refers to the organizations that have high scientific rating or high organization base and ISTSU use this organization as high consultant to develop Know ledgeand experience of the organization. Mostly these organizations are in the excellence and academic rating such as universities and excellent and authentic organizational. These members will have all the services and support of the ISTSU.


Active members: the members who have License in their country and their activity region and have officially highlighted and rolled activity in their county. Generally, active members act with national region and are supported by ISTSU under conditions and can use the ISTSU services.


Regular members: the members who are joined to ISTSU by presenting their identity and registration documents in ISTSU. These documents have license in their countries and regions and are Authentic but they do not have services and supports of ISTSU as the other members (consultant and official).




Benefits and services

Being a member of ISTSU offers an effective and valuable opportunity to become internationally involved and supported in the broad fields of Science, technology, skills and education, and to co-operate with colleagues in these fields. In addition ISTSU member organisations also enjoy a range of benefits and services including

Membership to a profound and dynamic organisation of international standing

Collaboration with a unique multidisciplinary and global network of approximately 100 members

Expert knowledge in all Science, technology, skills and education disciplines brought together into a single network Contact, cooperation and transfer of knowledge between all members of the ISTSU network

Interdisciplinary exchange of information on relevant research results, innovations, publications, projects, initiatives as well as scientific congresses and other worldwide events

Opportunities to release publications together with other members

Reduced participation rate for ISTSU events

Discounts on ISTSU publications and subscriptions

Free access to the newest Bulletin

Opportunities for ISTSU patronage and financial support of scientific activities





ISTSU Representation:

ISTSU representation is an opportunities to changes education and science in the countries and national and international organizations. Those who are representative of this Organization will have international academic and scientific brand in their country.
Of course, this opportunity is not possible for everyone and should have special and acceptable conditions.
Representationscan be issuedby ISTSU in the range of provincial, national, regional, and international around the world. The Representation who has activity license for ISTSU organization and Professional Academy.

Representation license can be issued to Real and legal persons that each of them have own special terms and conditions that its arrangements will be announced as following:
Obtaining Representation by real persons:

At least having a PhD degree (accredited by ISTSU or one of authentic universities and academies)

Having verifiable reputation goodwill and experimental and management records by relevant administrative and management authorities

Having Financial and spiritual facilities and conditions for setting up a representative as ISTSU representation in requested part

Having the ability to register or obtain a license from the National organizations (country) in less than three months


*Representation by legal Persons:

Presenting and having an activity official license (presented by government) in the location’s country

Presenting and havingstatute and organizational charter

Having a fixed office with the relevant conditions of work and organization

Having an educational and scientific reputation by presenting a valid certificate


*Enthusiasts can fill the relevant form in the website to get representation and send an email with all of their documents and records by presenting a writtenandtypedrequest. In the first opportunity, your case will be surveyed and if the accreditation of your documents is submitted, other documents are demanded. It should be noted that sending documents and filling the form does not make any commitment to confirm the request and does not make any priority.