04 Jul 2015
July 4, 2015

About the ISTSU

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About the ISTSU

International Science, Technology and Skill Union (ISTSU) registered by aiming at sustainable development, peace and friendship, science development, technology and skills in order to synergy of science and wealth,

development of knowledge-based economic,Realization of scientific and economic goals (including the development and application, science, education, invention and innovation) And commercialization of research’sresults and design development, , services and production of goods in the field of high technology and high added-value with formal agreement of the International University of West Coast on 7 – February – 2014 President Dr.Mohammad Sajjad Dehnavi and alsohas registered as an academic and international organizations in the United Nations website was at the end of 2014.

This union set one of its activity subjects as the development of professional practical knowledge with the aim of Entrepreneurship that working on it is essential as existing economic and cultural condition. Because Infrastructure investment and increasing tools andequipment and overall physical assets could be unused without human capital. Individuals’Job life should be productive with the development of specialized and practicalknow ledge to sync with the pace of change. So, having specialized and practical knowledge is essential for individuals’ economic and social success.


Developing Specialized and practical knowledge for employers:

Developing productivity, improving performance and increasing profitability.


For the community:

Promoting health, increasing participation, increasing mobility and social cohesion.


For individuals:

It could bring to:

Facilitating job entry, job stability, and the ability to move between jobs, increasing the success rate of start-up works, increasing wages, increasing satisfaction, increasing employment and entrepreneurship, and reducing the economic downturn.

Specialized and practical knowledge of this center is designed and performed by aiming to promote and transfer thework knowledgeand technology,updating professional and job practical knowledge, increasing productivityat all continuous levels of educationin professional and practical knowledgeas the form offormal education and Complementary between levels.


Our goal

  • Activities in the field of higher education, such as assessment and quality assurance in higher education, academic international cooperation, reform of higher education systems and other issues relating to the development of higher education.
  • Development and establishment of scientific organizations, educational and skills Around the world and the irmoral support
  • strengthening quality education and promotion of quality assurance standards in education system, empowerment of staff in accordance with the application of new technologies ((ICT), making equal-opportunities of education for girls and boys, vocational training and entrepreneurship, education of climate , health Preventive education (AIDS and drugs), education of citizenship and social values ​​such as tolerance and promoting dialogue for peace and peaceful coexistence in accordance with the priorities of the education decade for Sustainable Development of United Nations (2014- 2005) and the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Promoting programsand legislation of ISTSU in the field of bioethicsin international affairs and Promoting ISTSU programsin the field of professional ethics, medicalethics, environmental ethics, ethics in space,Nano-technology and complication of views andprofessional opinionsand reflecting the scientific communityat the national,regionaland international
  • Management of social transformations, comparative and interdisciplinary research and to establish links between social science research with policy-making andsocial decisions.
  • Making guild and helping to economy the science and its applications
  • Activities and helping to contribute to social, cultural, scientific, educational Communications and environmental,Standardization, the environment, medicine and medical science, sports and youth, peace, information and technology, skill and …
  • alliance and more friendship with the scientific and educational organizations around the world
  • Increasing science and education as Quality and quantity around the world to coordinate and support other scientific and educational organizations.
  • Training and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of required human resourcesin different parts of science, technology, skills and education and the demand for domestic market, regional and international.
  • Expansion and institutionalization of business culture based on the talents, professional knowledge and practical entrepreneurial with professional ethicsapproach.

Our missions

  • Qualitative and quantitative development of education based on practical research.
  • activity and helping to social, cultural, scientific, educational, environmental communications, and environmental, Standardization, the environment, medicine and medical science, sports and youth, peace, information and technology, skill and …
  • Designing and editingsamples andflexible methods in demand-driven skills training.
  • Ongoing needs assessment of educationon the preparation, planning and organizing
  • Introducing and guiding graduates to the job market.
  • Providingeducational needs of occupational areas to the highest levels of higher education.
  • allowing integration possibility of Supplementary education course between education levels and making equal with formal courses of training centers and specialized science and practical tests in order to entrepreneurship,
  • According to the latest international standards and in line with the development of professional and practice knowledge with the aim of entrepreneurship
  • Introducing and branding international organizations and members in International Affairs.
  • Public development of Science and Technology and Skills (Education for All)